Whitman Triple Major Eager to Explore Various Career Paths

Lily Buckley

Accounting, Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management

  • Undergraduate

Whitman provides so many ways to experience each major and explore individual interests. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to pursue.

Coming from a small high school, Lily Buckley ’24 did not know what to expect when she committed to Syracuse University. Reflecting on her experience so far, Buckley sees the numerous opportunities there are at a larger school to get involved on campus, meet new people and explore personal interests in and outside the classroom.  

The accounting, business analytics and supply chain management triple major did not always know what she wanted to study at the Whitman School. Buckley says, “I changed my major multiple times before officially declaring. Whitman provides so many ways to experience each major and explore individual interests. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to pursue.” 

While on campus, Buckley has become involved in many different organizations that have contributed to discovering her personal interests outside of class. She is a Whitman Ambassador, peer mentor and has recently been selected as one of the Goodman IMPRESS Marshall House Leaders. However, joining Delta Sigma Pi (DSP), the Whitman School’s professional fraternity, has created the greatest impact. 

“Joining Delta Sigma Pi has shaped my Whitman experience the most. DSP has helped improve my leadership, communication, time management, teamwork, professional development skills and far more,” she says. 

Over the summer, Buckley interned for the Lincoln Financial Group as an internal operations auditor. She worked with the internal audit team on audit testing, uploading data into their system, conducting special projects and participating in meet-and-greets with the staff. 

After having an internship related to her accounting major, Buckley shares she is open to exploring new opportunities within her other two majors and does not feel tied down to pursuing the traditional accounting career path. She is considering applying for supply chain or analytics roles for next summer. 

She says, “Personally, I love problem-solving and meeting new people. I strive to put all my effort into making connections, having an open mind and a willingness to learn about all career opportunities out there. Although I am undecided about my career plans, one of my major goals in the future is to be a project manager and lead a team.”

Whatever career path Buckley ends up pursuing, she hopes to be a part of a company that promotes growth opportunities to improve and to excel in the business world. 

“Whitman has continuously provided me amazing opportunities to better my professional develop and push my academic drive beyond anything I could imagine,” she says. 


By Anna Rooney ’24

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