Undergraduate Advising

Support for our Students

The student-first approach of the Whitman Undergraduate Office focuses on a high level of service and collaboration — a collaboration with you as students but also with other offices and resources across campus to ensure you stay on an academic path for continued success.


Available throughout your undergraduate career, the Undergraduate Office is your home for advising and record-keeping to stay on track with your degree requirements.


The Undergraduate Program team is here to support our students’ pathway to graduation. We encourage current students to meet with their academic advisors on a regular basis to maximize both curricular and co-curricular opportunities. Advisors meet with students both in person and remotely to be as accessible as possible. Questions? Email whitmanadvising@syr.edu.



Meet with an Advisor

Whitman advisors are available throughout the year to guide your academic career. You will have the option to select an in-person or virtual meeting with your advisor.

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Global Engagement

The Whitman School offers a wide variety of ways for our students to obtain global experience. Find out how!

Global Programs

Minors for Non-Whitman Students

The Whitman School offers several minors in management to non-Whitman students, allowing students to pursue either a general program that provides a broad base of management studies (business minor) or a more specialized program that provides more in-depth study in a particular area of management.

Whitman Minors
in Management


New Student Information

Welcome new Whitman students! This page has all of the information that you need to prepare for your first semester on campus.

New Student



Each student in the Whitman School is required to complete one major field of study. Choosing your major is an important decision. To learn about a particular field that may interest you, speak with your academic advisor about the co-curricular programming designed to help you explore our offerings and their associated career paths.

Major Offerings

Community Engagement

While community engagement is a required component of your Whitman degree, we encourage you to explore opportunities that you feel both passionate about and connected to.

This webpage is a resource for you to connect with various opportunities within the Whitman School, on the University campus, and in the greater Syracuse community.

Community Engagement

Academic Support

We are committed to supporting Whitman students in their academic journey by providing a variety of resources.

Academic Support