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We are fascinated by what we don’t know and have the drive and humility to pursue knowledge actively and collaboratively. This pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of business, along with sharing it with others, is one of the most rewarding professions. We’re excited to support you.

Our Ph.D. program is committed to building a community of partnership among students like you, faculty, industry professionals and colleagues from other research institutions.


Why Whitman for a Ph.D. Degree?

Ph.D. Programs

The Whitman School offers the following fields of study to our Ph.D. candidates. Explore your options below:


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Admission and Application Requirements

You are encouraged to contact our faculty in your area of interest before and after you apply in order to better identify specialization areas of interest, as well as faculty researchers with whom you are likely to work.


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Funding Your Doctoral Degree

Students receiving funding from Whitman can expect a generous annual financial support package. 


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