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We’re a community of connectors here at the Whitman School focused on exposing you to interdisciplinary perspectives, active learning, and diversity of thought and experience. Our faculty members are no exception, as they combine academic accomplishment and acclaimed research with the real-world appreciation and proficiency of top practitioners.

Tradition is paramount here. We’re proud to be Orange. Since 1919, our faculty has been committed to supporting your journey and helping ensure your success by remaining perpetually curious, discovering and sharing their knowledge, contributing perspective on front-burner issues, and building and nurturing meaningful relationships. 

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Whitman research spans a diverse range of topics and areas of expertise. This is reflected in Whitman publications showcasing our faculty research accomplishments, research labs, centers and institutes, as well as academic journals housed at Whitman.  


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With nearly 100 faculty serving Whitman students across the undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs, our thought leaders help discover new knowledge, foster industry leadership and create relationships that last well beyond our students' time on campus.


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