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Goodman IMPRESS Program

The Goodman IMPRESS Program is designed to provide all Whitman undergraduates with the skills and experiences employers seek, including leadership, communications, certifications, global context and industry exploration. All incoming students are placed in one of four “houses.” Within these houses, they experience healthy competition as they develop their extracurricular skills under the direction of four committed and excellent house masters who teach the introductory business course and serve as their first faculty mentor, along with outstanding sophomore/junior peer facilitators.

Most of us would agree there are more factors that determine the success of a four-year college degree than just a strong GPA. In fact, most employers will interview business school students with a threshold GPA of 3.0 or higher. This level encompasses the vast majority of Whitman students. However, employers are really looking for young people who can handle multiple responsibilities and who exhibit self-awareness, confidence, resilience, strong communication and social skills, as well as the ability to synthesize classroom content into the broader global context.


The Goodman IMPRESS Program ensures our undergraduates leave the Whitman School with a sustainable competitive advantage throughout their lives and careers. 

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Major and
Industry Exploration 


Events such as career fairs, Q&A with alumni and industry leaders from a range of top companies, and a majors fair aimed to help Whitman students find their passion.


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IMPRESS houses are not physical houses but a cohort of students on the same “team.”  Students earn individual IMPRESS points. However, these points also count toward their team or house points. Each IMPRESS house has a faculty house mentor and a career and academic advisor.


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Events for students to help build the Whitman community and their Orange network.


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Healthy Competition

Every student receives points for participation and engagement in activities. Every point a student earns counts for a personal point total and the point total of the house to which the student belongs. Each year, the house with the most points is awarded the Goodman Cup at a celebratory event. The top 11 students in each cohort are annually recognized as the Top 44. 

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