Global Experiential Programs

BUA474: Project-based Learning in Business in London

This experiential seminar-style course will immerse you in the exciting London business environment and help you get the most out of your time abroad. It will offer the opportunity to better understand business in London and throughout the U.K. by engaging with current business news and events, interacting with class visitors and participating in off-site visits. Students will complete a project in which they will apply knowledge and skills from both this course and their prior coursework to investigate and analyze a local London or U.K. business issue or event that relates to their central area of study.


Whitman Semester in NYC


The NYC study away semester offers students a distinct living, learning, and working experience in the heart of the global business. This program provides a transformative experience aimed at preparing students for professional success. Students will work in a relevant, reference-worthy internship, develop strong connections in the SU network and be immersed in social and professional experiences.


Semester Details

Syracuse Campus