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Global Immersion/Residency Programs

Whitman Study Abroad Immersion Programs


For undergraduate students:

Short-term Immersion
Kenya Trip (May 2024)


Tied to the required core course, SOM354 (Managing in a Global Setting), the Kenya Immersion Experience allows students to engage business and academic partners in Nairobi and Nakuru, Kenya, during the spring term class and then with the smaller travel team in-country for a week-long trip. 

Throughout the semester, the entire class would engage each of the three stakeholders (one established international business, one smaller refugee-artisan entrepreneurial business and a rural school for orphaned and abandoned children) for interaction, discussion and project work in their SOM354 course. Upon conclusion of the semester, a select number of students travel on an instructor-led experience to collaborate with the business in providing solutions and assisting in initial implementation related to the critical challenges. Students also travel to the school to present a global business lesson to students in person—the initial trip launched in May, 2022—with annual trips planned each May.


Connection to Whitman Mission: 

Directly supportive of the “globally-minded, innovative and entrepreneurial leaders” that the Whitman mission statement identifies as our student group, this immersive experience also take the course content from theoretical reading and discussion to a “transformative learning experience” both for the students in the classroom engaging with African- based partners throughout the semester, and particularly those that are traveling after the semester concludes. All students will have the opportunity to build “collaborative networks of lifelong learning and discovery” because of the partnership with businesses, entrepreneurs and the school in Kenya. Students will create daily social media content during the travel experience for Whitman to use inappropriate marketing content to emphasize the core values applied to the student experience and engage students, alumni and donors.

Read about students’ experience first hand.

Travel to Kenya for a highly interactive program with Professor Elizabeth Wimer.

A collaborative immersion experience with a heavy work load of partnering and learning from international businesses, refugee artisans, entrepreneurs and educators in an emerging economy. (Undergrad only trip)


Note: Completion of SOM354 required to apply. Accepted travel team enrolls in INB 400 for 1 credit (begins after Spring break and meets M/W/F at 10 a.m.)

Travel dates: May 14 – May 25 (anticipated)

Program Fee: $4200 (anticipated, includes international airfare)



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Business in East Asia
May 2024, in Malaysia and Singapore)

Course Rationale and Description:

Travel to Singapore and  Malaysia to gain a deeper understanding of the economic, geo-political, cultural environments, business strategies and practices of leading companies, and their implications for U.S. companies’ business opportunities and challenges in East Asia. Professors Kyu Lee and Lihong Liang will lead this 3-credit elective. (FT Masters and Undergrad)

Travel dates: May 14 – May 25

Program Fee: $2500-$2800 (anticipated, airfare not included)



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Global Residencies

For Graduate Students:


Syracuse University's Whitman School offers global, domestic, and on-campus residencies with unique foci. These three-day residencies feature hands-on experiences, prominent speakers, and interactive panels, immersing students in the business culture of each location and providing networking opportunities.


Past residencies have included Dublin, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York City, and more.


Syracuse UniversityMarch 29-30, 2024Whitman Challenge Live Consulting Project;  Humanitarian and Disaster Response Supply Chains 
London, EnglandJune 28-30, 2024Doing Business in Post-Brexit London 
International Intensive
Elective-London, England
July 1-5, 2024London’s Place in the Economy