Research News Nov. - May 2023

Awards and Honors

Whitman’s Department of Management is ranked 55 in research based on faculty research productivity, according to the TAMUGA Rankings from April 2023.

Professor of Accounting Susan Albring and Associate Professor of Accounting Willie Reddic, are co-PIs on a project funded by a $65,000 grant from the 2023 Lender Center for Social Justice Grant Program supported by MetLife Foundation, titled “Do Underserved and Underrepresented Communities Pay a Higher Rate Premium in Employer-Sponsored Healthcare Coverage?”

Cristiano Bellavitis, assistant professor of entrepreneurship, has become an Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice editor.

Joel Carnevale, assistant professor of management, was elected to serve as director of outreach for the Network of Leadership Scholarat the 2022 Academy of Management meeting.

Ravi Dharwadkar, chair of the Department of Management and the Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor of Teaching Excellence & Professor of Management, received the Distinguished Alumni Award from his graduate program, XLRI (Jamshedpur, India).

David Lucas, assistant professor of entrepreneurship, received the 2022 Lazaridis Award for best paper of the year in the Journal of Business Venturing. “Made to be Broken? A Theory of Regulatory Governance and Rule-Breaking Entrepreneurial Action” (with Fuller, C.S. and Packard, M.D.) Journal of Business Venturing, 2022 37(6).

Cathy Maritan, associate professor of management, has joined the editorial board of Academy of Management Review for a third three-year term and was appointed for a two-year term to the Academy of Management STR Division Awards Committee, a group of senior scholars that manages the major division awards.

Cameron Miller, associate professor of management, was appointed to the Academy of Management STR Membership Engagement Committee for a three-year term.

Maria Minniti, chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises and the Bantle Chair in Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, received a 2023 Excellence in Graduate Education Faculty Recognition Award from the Graduate School at Syracuse University. 


Selected Journal Publications

Natarajan Balasubramanian, professor of management, “Incidence and Performance of Spinouts and Incumbent New Establishments: Role of Selection and Redeployability within Parent Firms” (with Sakakibara, M.), Strategic Management Journal.

Cristiano Bellavitis, assistant professor of entrepreneurship:

“The Rise of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): A First Empirical Glimpse” (with Fisch, C. & Momtaz, P.P.),Venture Capital.

“Monetary Policy and Venture Capital Markets” (with Fisch, C. and Vismara, S.), Review of Corporate Finance.


Michel Benaroch, associate dean for research and Ph.D. programs and professor of management information systems, “How Much Does Software Complexity Matter for Maintenance Productivity? The Link Between Team Instability and Diversity,” (with Lyytinen, K.), IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.

Joel Carnevale, assistant professor of management, “Outshined by Creative Stars: A Dual-Pathway Model of Leader Reactions to Employees’ Reputation for Creativity” (with Huang, L., Vincent, L., Yu, L., and He, W.), Journal of Management.

Rachael Goodwin, assistant professor of management, “Moral Foundations, Himpathy, and Punishment Following Organizational Sexual Misconduct Allegations,” (with Dodson, S.J., Diekmann, K.D. and Graham, J.), Organization Science.

David Lucas, assistant professor of entrepreneurship:

“A Cloud’s Silver Lining? The Impact of Policy Interventions on New and Maturing Technology Ventures’ Online Recruitment,” (with Bellavitis, C., and Park, D.),Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (forthcoming).

“The Nature and Origins of Social Venture Mission: An Exploratory Study of Political Ideology and Moral Foundations,” (with Park, D.), Journal of Business Venturing (forthcoming).

“Taking Mental Models Seriously: Institutions, Entrepreneurship, and the Mediating Role of Socio-Cognitive Traits” (with Boudreaux, C.J. and Bennett, D.J.), Small Business Economics.

Cameron Miller, associate professor of management:

“Growing Platforms Within platforms: How Do Platforms Manage the Adoption of Complementor Products in the Presence of Network Effects?” (with Agarwal, R. and Ganco, M.), Strategic Management Journal.

“Modeling Firms Search and Innovation Trajectory Using Swarm Intelligence” (with Chen, R.R. and Toh, P.K.), Algorithms, the Evolutionary Algorithms and Machine Learning section, Special Section on Applications of Evolutionary and Swarm Systems (forthcoming).

Yu Shan, assistant professor of finance, “Do FinTech Mortgage Lenders Fill the Credit Gap? Evidence from Natural Disasters” (with Allen, L. and Shen, Y.), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

Johan Wiklund, Al Berg Chair and professor of entrepreneurship:

“Implications of Mental Health for Business Families and Family Businesses: Towards a Holistic Research Agenda” (with Tetzlaff, E. and Jaskiewicz, P.), Family Business Review (forthcoming). 

“The Impact of Entrepreneurship Research on Other Academic Fields” (with Thurik, R., Audretsch, D., Burke, A., Caree, M., Dejardin, M., Rietveld, N. and Stephan, U.), Small Business Economics.

 “The Strategic Advantage of Impulsivity in Entrepreneurial Action: An Agent-Based Modeling Approach” (with Bort, J. ’20 Ph.D., Crawford, C., Lerner, D. and Hunt, R.), Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (forthcoming).
“Do Hybrid Goals Pay Off? Social and Economic Goals in Academic Spin-offs” (with Abootorabi, H. ’23 Ph.D.), Journal of Management Studies (forthcoming).

Guiyang Xiong, associate professor of marketing, “Virtual Fitting Room Effect: Moderating Role of Body Mass Index” (with Yang, S., Mao, H. and Ma, M.), Journal of Marketing Research. 




Peter Koveos, professor of finance and Kiebach Chair in International Business, has published a book, China's Economic Reforms: Successes and Challenges (with Zhang, Y.), in World Scientific, March 2023. 

Tom Barkley, professor of finance practice, has a co-edited book, Working Capital Management: Concepts and Strategies (with Baker, H.K., Filbeck, G.) in World Scientific, Singapore, 2023.



Sebastian Tideman, assistant professor of accounting, has a project, "Capital Market Reactions to Managerial Framing of Emerging Strategic Issues" (with Hoppmann, J., Lopatta, K. and Tammen, T.), accepted to the YISF Annual Symposium - The Parallel Pressures of Sustainable Finance at Yale University.

Karca Aral, assistant professor of supply chain management, has INSEAD Knowledge articles titled:

Humanitarian Versus For-Profit Operations: When Lines Blur” (with Van Wassenhove, L. and Parsa, I.)

Hard to Do, Easy to Criticize: How (Not) to Respond to a Humanitarian Crisis” with Van Wassenhove, L., Parsa, I. and Urla, B.). The paper is about humanitarian operations in the aftermath of the earthquake in Turkey and was highlighted in Forbes India and Business Times (Singapore). 

Johan Wiklund, Al Berg Chair and professor of entrepreneurship, was interviewed on Dec. 8, 2022 by IRI’s Lee Green about the links between ADHD and entrepreneurship, the ways that individuals with ADHD can be a great addition to teams, and the accommodations that can be made to get the best out of these individuals. Wiklund also had an Academy of Management International Management webinar, titled “’Me-Search:’ A Path to Relevant Research with Impact and Meaning,” on Dec 9, 2022.

Joel Carnevale, assistant professor of management, co-organized a symposium on creativity (with Huang, L.), titled “Creativity Across Levels: Taking Stock of Current Trends and Exploring Emerging Literature Streams” at the 2022 Academy of Management meeting.


Events, Webinars and Podcasts

The 2023 MetLife Foundation – Lender Center for Social Justice Symposium, held March 30-31, had heavy participation from Whitman faculty, doctoral students, and alums.


Session: Exploration of Factors Within Organizations That Impact the Racial Wealth Gap in the U.S.

Moderator: Kira Reed, associate professor of management, Senior Research Associate, Lender Center for Social Justice, and Co-Lead for the Social Differences, Social Justice Research Cluster

Faculty Presenters:

Willie Reddic G’12 (MAX), ’13 Ph.D., associate professor of accounting and Susan Albring, professor of accounting, “Do Underserved and Underrepresented Communities Pay a Higher Rate Premium in Employer-sponsored Healthcare Coverage?”

Karca Aral, assistant professor of supply chain management, “Racial Discrimination in Intercorporate Trade: Evidence from Controlled Experiments.”

Guiyang Xiong and Xiaobo Lin, Ph.D. student in marketing, “Linking Childhood Socioeconomic Status with Financial and Educational Choices.”

Jamie Lyn Perry, assistant professor of management, “Does a Faultline Bias Exist? When and How Investor Perceptions of Startup Team Divisions Influence Funding Decisions.”


Session: Converting Research to Policy Change and Action

Faculty Presenters:

Kira Reed, associate professor of management and Syracuse University Trustee Gisele Marcus ’89, “Community-based Interorganizational Collaborations Addressing Factors Impacting Poverty”


Whitman Webinars:

Blockchain/Crypto/Web3: Implications for Supply Chain and Finance (Nov. 16, 2022) Organizer/Panelist: Fasheng Xu, assistant professor of supply chain management Panelist: Rowena J. Gan, assistant professor of information technology and operations management at the Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University.

The webinar covered different types of blockchain applications in supply chain management and crypto tokens and associated financing issues. In addition, they talked about the most recent trending topic of Web3, and its implications for supply chains and businesses in general.

What Does Inflation, Interest Rates, and FX Risks Mean for Business (April 21, 2023) Moderator: Cameron Miller, associate professor of management  Panelists: Stephen Bell ’09 MBA, project engineer at FedEx Corporation; Mark Hebert ’05, managing director, head of investment grade corporates at Deutsch Bank AG, Stephanie Rike ’07, executive director of global commercial capabilities at Amgen. This webinar discussed how current risks in the environment are impacting their businesses and what it might mean for hiring and the post-college labor market. 

Whitman’s Office of Research and the Kiebach Center for International Business are co-sponsoring the 30th Annual Conference for the Empirical Investigations in International Trade with the Economics Department at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. The conference will be held in Syracuse, October 13-15, 2023. Ryan Monarch, Syracuse University, Tibor Besedeš, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Jon Haveman, FREIT, are organizing the conference.



Ph.D. Alumni Updates

Frank Mullins ’11 Ph.D. accepted the University of Rhode Island’s College of Business’s Fred ’78 and Sue Newton Endowed Professorship in Human Resource Management. In his new role, Mullins will assist the college to enhance research productivity to move from an R2- to an R1-level institution. 


Ph.D. Student Corner

Yi Huang, management doctoral candidate, has her paper, “Director Attention and Board Bandwidth: Implications of Performance Feedback at the Primary Employer” (with Brandes, P. and Dharwadkar, R.), accepted for presentation at the 2023 Annual Academy of Management Meeting.

Devin Stein, entrepreneurship doctoral candidate, is joining the Culverhouse College of Business at the University of Alabama as a tenure-track faculty. Stein has also been awarded a $5,000 “Publication Accelerator Grant” from the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) to help him complete a submission to Strategic Management Journal based on one of his dissertation papers.

Kelly (Mi) Hoang Tran, entrepreneurship doctoral candidate, presented “ADHD and Entrepreneurial Entry: Privilege for Smart Men?” (with Yu, W. ’18 Ph.D.), Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, June 2023, Knoxville, Tennessee. In August, she will present “ADHD Symptoms and Entrepreneurs’ Well-Being – The Role of Entrepreneurial Team Conflict and Gender” (with Wiklund, J., Yu, W. ’18 Ph.D. and Perez-Luño, A.), at the Academy of Management Conference Symposium “Entrepreneur Well-being Across Contexts”.

Tran also attended the doctoral consortium at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference and received the Graduate Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Work. She also presented a paper, "Hiring Among Tech Startups: When is Diversity a Priority?" to a Syracuse University graduate students audience and received an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.


Ran Quan, management doctoral candidate, has a paper, “Biased Interpretation of Performance Feedback: The Contingency Role of Risk,” accepted for presentation by the Managerial and Organizational Cognition (MOC) division at the 2023 Academy of Management meeting in Boston. The paper is nominated by the MOC division as Best Student Paper Award.


Haoran Yu, supply chain management doctoral candidate, presented his paper, “Retailing Strategies of Imperfect Produce and the Battle Against Food Waste” (with Kazaz, B. and Xu, F.), at the 32nd Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) Annual Conference in Orlando in May, and the Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 2023 Conference in Montreal in June. Yu also attended the POMS Doctoral Consortium and the Ph.D. Workshop at Rutgers University in June 2023.

Zhiyuan Yu, management doctoral candidate, presented his paper, “Organizational Learning in Public-private Collaborative Innovation: A Multilevel Perspective” (with Balasubramanian, N.), at the Academy of Management Review Idea Development Workshop, Knoxville, Tennessee, in April 2023. 



In the News

Natarajan Balasubramanian, professor of management, had his 2019 paper in the Journal of Human Resources on noncompete agreements cited in a New York Times article on the Federal Trade Commission’s proposal to ban noncompete agreements for employees (Jan. 5, 2023).

Cristiano Bellavitis, assistant professor of entrepreneurship, was interviewed on Nasdaq’s “TradeTalks” series for the episode “Why Crypto Is Here to Stay, but Recent Events Are a Warning to Regulators” (Nov. 16, 2022), quoted in the Forbes article “Joe Biden Leads ‘Critical’ Call For Game-Changing, Global Bitcoin And Crypto Rules After Shock FTX Collapse” (Dec. 5, 2022), and featured in the We Wealth story “Venture capital, investments in Italy go back two years” (May 5, 2023).

Tom Barkley, professor of finance practice, was interviewed for the CNYCentral story “SU professor worries what abandoned hospital merger could mean for Crouse” (Feb. 21, 2023).

Joel Carnevale, assistant professor of management, was quoted in the Bloomberg News story “Musk’s About-Face on Remote Work Latest Example of WFH Whiplash” (Dec. 1, 2022).

Scott Lathrop, professor of marketing practice, shared his expertise in the CoworkingCafe article “The Most Common Coworking Space Users and What They Look For in a Flex Office” (Feb. 1, 2023).

Alex McKelvie, interim dean and professor of entrepreneurship, was interviewed for the International Finance Magazine article “Some of the best entrepreneurs started later in life” (Feb. 1, 2023), featured in Fortune’s “Biotech and business: Why this top school is launching a new dual MBA program” (April 17, 2023), and mentioned in The Wall Street Journal article “Entrepreneurs Famously Work Hard. For Many, Dangerously So” (May 8, 2023) and the CNBC article “The 2023 CNBC Disruptor 50: How we chose the companies” (May 11, 2023).

Patrick Penfield, professor of supply chain practice, was featured on WGRZ Buffalo and in Fortune Magazine’s “‘Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’: How a mass lockdown at the world’s biggest iPhone factory is India’s big chance to beat out China as Apple’s favorite supplier” (Nov. 15, 2022), Spectrum News’ “In Focus” program titled “Discussing factory output, logistics as driving factors of medication shortage” (Feb. 13, 2023), Modern Retail and Manufacturing Dive and Efficio Consulting’s “Spotlight on Procurement” (April 10, 2023), and in the Modern Retail story “After layoffs and warehouse closures, Walmart and Chewy are accelerating investments in automated fulfillment centers” (May 1, 2023).

Penfield was also interviewed for WRVO’s “Holiday prices impacted by supply chain issues” (Dec. 5, 2022) and the NewsChannel 9 story “Your Stories Q&A: Why prices for home heating oil are so high” (Dec. 8, 2022), the WGRZ (Buffalo) story “Wednesday Town Hall Egg Prices” (Jan. 18, 2023), The Washington Post story “Don’t lose your credit card. A new one could take months” (Feb. 21, 2023), the WTAJ (Altoona, Pennsylvania) story “OJ prices rise as citrus growers struggle” (March 2, 2023), the NewsChannel 9 story “Syracuse University professor has students study problem of bridge over Onondaga Lake Parkway,” CNY Central’s 90-minute town hall newscast about the parkway bridge (May 15, 2023) and the CIPS Supply Management article “How Procurement Can Attract People With Different Skills” (June 14, 2023).

Lynne Vincent, associate professor of management, was featured on the “DriveThru HR” podcast (Feb. 15, 2023).

Johan Wiklund, Al Berg Chair and professor of entrepreneurship, was quoted in the Fast Company article “Why adults with ADHD often thrive as freelancers and entrepreneurs” (May 2, 2023).

Ray Wimer, professor of retail practice, was interviewed for the USA Today article “Don’t wait on returns. Many stores will have a stricter return policy this holiday season” (Jan. 11, 2023), shared his expertise with CNN in the story “Stores say shoplifting is a national crisis. The numbers don’t back it up” (Jan. 31, 2023), and featured in the CNN article “Why Walmart is closing half its stores in Chicago” (April 17, 2023).



Monica Neamtiu, Baruch College, presented an accounting seminar, “Optimistic Gatekeepers: Credit Rating Optimism around M&A Deals,” on Nov. 3, 2022.

Yiting Deng, University College of London, presented a marketing seminar, “A Scalable Recommendation Engine for New Users and Items,” on Nov. 4, 2022.

Katrijn Gielens, University of North Carolina, presented a marketing seminar, “The Growing Power of Online Juggernauts: The Impact of Amazon’s Private Label Introduction on National Brands,” on Nov. 11, 2023.

Karen Donohue, University of Minnesota, presented a supply chain management seminar, “Nudging Green but Slow Shipping Choices in Online Retail,” on Nov. 11, 2022.

Prithwiraj (Raj) Choudhury, Harvard Business School, presented a management seminar, “Is Hybrid Work the Best of Both Worlds? Evidence from a Field Experiment,” on Nov. 18, 2022.

Vishal Agrawal, Georgetown University, presented a supply chain management seminar, “Delivery Terms for Voluntary Carbon Offsets,” on Nov. 18, 2022.

Andy Wu, Harvard Business School, presented a management seminar, “Value and Complexity in New Ventures,” on Dec. 2, 2022.

Jivas Chakravarthy, University of Texas at Arlington, presented an accounting seminar, “The Sinister Attribution Bias and Asymmetric Preferences Over Reporting Errors,” on Dec. 9, 2022.

Nur Sunar, Kenan-Flagler Business School of the UNC, presented a supply chain management seminar, “Telemedicine for inclusive care: Remedy for socioeconomic health disparities?”, on Jan. 27, 2023.

Atalay Atasu, INSEAD, presented a supply chain management seminar, “Circular Economy: Enthusiasm, Realism and Research,” on Feb. 3, 2023.

Amy Pan, University of Florida, presented a supply chain management seminar, “Probabilistic Services in a Ride-Hailing Platform,” on Feb. 10, 2023.

Kathryn Brightbill, Utah State University, presented an accounting seminar, “Risk Disclosure Elevation,” on March 3, 2023.

Baojun Jiang, Washington University, presented a supply chain management seminar, “Advertising Format and Content Provision on Revenue-Sharing Content Platforms,” on March 24, 2023.

Jay Barney, University of Utah, presented an entrepreneurship seminar, “New Developments in Strategic Management,” on March 24, 2023.

Subodha Kumar, from Temple University, presented a supply chain management seminar, “Benefit of Consumer Showrooming for a Physical Retailer: A Distribution Channel Perspective,” on March 31, 2023.

Robert C. Liden, University of Illinois, presented a management seminar, “Empirical Tests of the Efficacy of Servant Leadership,” on April 2, 2023.

Gonzalo Maturana, Emory University, presented a finance seminar, “Stakeholders, Governance, and Output: Evidence from the Hospital Sector,” on April 21, 2023.

Alina Lerman, University of Connecticut, presented an accounting seminar, “Does the SEC Keep an Eye on Earnings Conference Calls?” on April 28, 2023.

Natarajan Gautam, College of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University, presented a supply chain seminar, “Match, Batch, and Dispatch: Analysis of Order Fulfilment Policies,” on April 28, 2023.

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