Whitman Accounting Research News 2022-2023

Accounting Awards and Honors 


Professor of Accounting Susan Albring and Associate Professor of Accounting Willie Reddic are co-PIs on a project funded by a $65,000 grant from the 2023 Lender Center for Social Justice Grant Program supported by MetLife Foundation, titled “Do Underserved and Underrepresented Communities Pay a Higher Rate Premium in Employer-Sponsored Healthcare Coverage?” 


Journal Publications 


Craig Nichols, associate professor of accounting, and David Weinbaum, professor of finance, have had their paper, “Inferring Aggregate Market Expectations from the Cross-Section of Stock Prices” (with Bali, R.), accepted for publication at Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. 




Sebastian Tideman, assistant professor of accounting, had a project, "Capital Market Reactions to Managerial Framing of Emerging Strategic Issues" (with Hoppmann, J., Lopatta, K. and Tammen, T.), accepted to the 2022 YISF Annual Symposium - The Parallel Pressures of Sustainable Finance, at Yale University


Events, Webinars and Podcasts 


The 2023 MetLife Foundation – Lender Center for Social Justice Symposium, held March 30-31, had heavy participation from Whitman faculty, doctoral students, and alums. 


Session: Exploration of Factors Within Organizations that Impact the Racial Wealth Gap in the U.S. 

Moderator: Kira Reed, associate professor of management, senior research associate, Lender Center for Social Justice, and co-lead for the Social Differences, Social Justice Research Cluster 

Faculty presenters: 

Willie Reddic G’12 (MAX), ’13 Ph.D., associate professor of accounting and Susan Albring, professor of accounting, “Do Underserved and Underrepresented Communities Pay a Higher Rate Premium in Employer-sponsored Healthcare Coverage?” 



Ph.D. Student Corner 


Kang Ho Cho, accounting doctoral candidate, presented a paper, “Does Audit Effort Mitigate the Negative Effect of Macro Uncertainty on Audit Quality?” (with Albring, S. and Xu, X.), at the 2022 Joint Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions of the American Accounting Association, Oct. 2022. 




Spencer Pierce, Florida State University, presented an accounting seminar, “Labor Unionization and non-GAAP Reporting,” on Oct. 14, 2022. 


Shiran Vaknin Froymovich, Binghamton University, presented an accounting seminar, “Aggregate Deferred Tax Asset Valuation Allowance and GDP Growth,” on Oct. 28, 2022. 


Monica Neamtiu, Baruch College, presented an accounting seminar, “Optimistic Gatekeepers: Credit Rating Optimism around M&A Deals,” on Nov. 4, 2022. 


Jivas Chakravarthy, University of Texas at Arlington, presented an accounting seminar, “The Sinister Attribution Bias and Asymmetric Preferences over Reporting Errors,” on Dec. 9, 2022. 


Kathryn Brightbill, Utah State University, presented an accounting seminar, “Risk Disclosure Elevation,” on March 3, 2023. 


Alina Lerman, University of Connecticut, presented an accounting seminar, “Does the SEC Keep an Eye on Earnings Conference Calls?” on April 28, 2023. 


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