EEE Annual Report 2022-23 Publications and Recognitions




Cristiano Bellavitis, assistant professor of entrepreneurship 

“The Rise of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): A First Empirical Glimpse” (with Fisch, C. and Momtaz, P.) 2022, Venture Capital. 


“Do Old Theories Fit New Contexts? New Perspectives on Corporate Governance in Entrepreneurial Firms”(with Deloof, M., Filatotchev, I., and Paeleman, I.) 2023, Venture Capital.  


Suho Han, assistant professor of entrepreneurship 

“Rural and Urban Place Renewal in Cross-Sector Partnerships” (with Loor, A.C.D., Moss, T.W.) 2023, Journal of Business Ethics, 1-20. 



David Lucas, assistant professor of entrepreneurship 

“The Nature and Origins of Social Venture Mission: An Exploratory Study of Political Ideology and Moral Foundations” (with Park, U.D.) 2023, Journal of Business Venturing, 38, no. 2: 106271.   


“Taking Mental Models Seriously: Institutions, Entrepreneurship, and the Mediating Role of Socio-Cognitive Traits” (with Boudreaux, C.J., Bennett, D.J. and Nikolaev, B.) 2022, Small Business Economics.  


“Made to be Broken? A Theory of Regulatory Governance and Rule-Breaking Entrepreneurial Action.”(Fuller, C.S. and Packard, M.D.) 2022, Journal of Business Venturing 37, no. 6: 106250. 


“Remaking Capitalism: The Strength of Weak Legislation in Mobilizing B Corporation Certification”(with Grimes, M.G., and Gehman, J.) 2022, Academy of Management Journal 65, no. 3: 958–987.  



Alexander McKelvie, interim dean and professor of entrepreneurship  

“Entrepreneurship Addiction: Exploring Patterns of Engagement with Venturing Activities” (with Spivack, A.J.) 2022, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. 


“2021 National Survey of Veteran-Affiliated Entrepreneurs” (with Maury, R., Tihic, M., Pritchard, A., and Euto, L.) 2022, Institute for Veterans and Military Families. 



Maria Minniti, Bantle Chair in Entrepreneurship and Public Policy and Chair, Department of Entrepreneuship and Emerging Enterprises


”Loving the Rat Race: Late-career Entrepreneurship, Self-realization, and Intended Retirement Age” (with Kautonen, T., Kibler, E. and Halvorsen, C.) 2023, Journal of Business Venturing Insights 19. 


“Inflection Points, Kinks, and Jumps: A Statistical Approach to Detecting Nonlinearities“ (with Arin, P., Murtinu, S. and  Spagnolo, N.) 2022, Organizational Research Methods, 25(4), 786-814. 



Arielle Newman, assistant professor of entrepreneurship 

”Entrepreneurial Political Action in the Informal Economy: The Case of the Kumasi Petty Traders” (with Barney, J.) 2023, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 


“Who Do I Want to Be Now That I’m Here? Refugee Entrepreneurs, Identity and Acculturation” (with Christenson, L.J.) 2023, Business and Society. 


“Questioning Boundedly Rational Frameworks in Practice: The Case of Women Entrepreneurs in Kumasi, Ghana” (with Alvarez, S.) 2022, Journal of Business Venturing. 




Johan Wiklund, AI Berg Chair and professor of entrepreneurship 


“Research on the Association between Physical and Psychiatric Disabilities and Entrepreneurial Intention Among College Students” (with Tran, M.H., Luke, M., Antshel, K. and Hilts, D.) 2022, Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat, 21, 191-219. 


“What Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger: Entrepreneurs’ Childhood Adversity, Resilience, and Career Success“ (with Yu, W. ’18 Ph.D, Zhu, F. and Der Foo, M.) 2022, Journal of Business Research, 151, 40-55. 


“Act or Wait-and-See? Adversity, Agility, and Entrepreneur Wellbeing Across Countries During the Covid-19 Pandemic” (with Stephan, U., Zbierowski, P., Pérez-Luño, A., Wach, D. and Zahid, M.M.) 2022, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, DOI: 10422587221104820. 


“Working in Bed—A Commentary on “Automation, Algorithms, and Beyond: Why Work Design Matters More than Ever in a Digital World” by Parker and Grote”, 2022, Applied Psychology, 71(4), 1210-1214. 





Bellavitis, Newman, McKelvie and Wiklund are part of a large multi-university NSF I-Corps Hub that was awarded a $15M STEM Innovation Program research grant. 


Maria Minniti received a grant from the E.M. Kauffman Foundation to support professional development workshops on community-based organizing at the Whitman School.  


Minniti is also co-principal investigator with Professor of Finance Roger Koppl on a grant from the Templeton World Charity Foundation sponsoring research on how to reform scientific advisory bodies that serve governmetns and policy makers.  




Awards and Recognition 


John Petosa, professor of practice, was voted faculty of the year by Whitman students. 


David Lucas received the prestigious Lazaridis Award for best paper in the Journal of Business Venturing for his 2022 paper “Made to be Broken? A Theory of Regulatory Governance and Rule-Breaking Entrepreneurial Action” (with Fuller, C.S. and Packard, M.). 


Lucas was listed on the 2022 Honor Roll of Responsible Research in Business and Management for his paper “Remaking Capitalism: The Strength of Weak Legislation in Mobilizing Certification” (with Grimes, M. and Gehman, J.) Academy of Management Journal. 


Lucas also received the 2022 Dean’s Research Citation from the Whitman School. 


Maria Minniti was awarded a 2023 Excellence in Graduate Education Faculty Recognition Award from Syracuse University. 


David Park, assistant professor of entrepreneurship, was listed in Poets & Quants’ 2022 World’s Best 40-under-40 MBA Professors. 


Johan Wiklund was named the third most-published entrepreneurship and family business scholar in the world (Bruton & Chen, 2022). 

Wiklund was also listed among the top 100 Best Business and Management Scientists by based on a scientist's Discipline H-index.  



Ph.D. Student Awards and Recognition 


Devin Stein ’23 Ph.D. was awarded the 2023 Smith Fellow Grant, Institute for Humane Studies, for Chapter 1 of Dissertation, “In the Mix: Organizational Effectiveness and Complex Social Issues.” Stein also received the 2022 Syracuse University Thorpe Excellence in Teaching Award and 2022 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. 


Kelly (Mi) Hoang Tran received the 2023 Graduate Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Work. She also received the 2022 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. 



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