Whitman Management 2022-23 Publications and Recognitions



Natarajan Balasubramanian, professor of management


Incidence and Performance of Spinouts and Incumbent New Establishments: Role of Selection and Redeployability Within Parent Firms” (with Sakakibara, M.), Oct. 2023, Strategic Management Journal, 44, 10, p. 2460-2488 29 p.


Locked In? The Enforceability of Covenants Not to Compete and the Careers of High-Tech Workers” (with Chang, J.W., Sakakibara, M., Sivadasan, J. and Starr, E.), April 2022, Journal of Human Resources, 57, Special Issue 1, p. S349-S396.


Substituting Human Decision-Making With Machine Learning: Implications For Organizational Learning” (with Ye, Y. and Xu, M.), July 2022, Academy of Management Review, 47, 3, p. 448-465 18 p.


Pamela Brandes, professor of management


Time is of the Essence! Retired Independent Directors’ Contributions to Board Effectiveness” (with Dharwadkar, R., Ross, J.F. and Shi, L.), Sept. 2022, Journal of Business Ethics, 179, 3, p. 767-793 27 p.


Joel Carnevale, assistant professor of management


Laughing With Me or Laughing At Me? The Differential Effects of Leader Humor Expressions on Follower Status and Influence at Work” (with Huang, L., Yam, K.C. and Wang, L.), 2022, Journal of Organizational Behavior.


The Butt of the Joke: Understanding the Social Evaluations of Leader Humor Targets”(with Benegal, A.), Oct. 2023, Current Opinion in Psychology, 53, 101680.


Outshined by Creative Stars: A Dual-Pathway Model of Leader Reactions to Employees’ Reputation for Creativity” (with Huang, L., Vincent, L., Yu, L. and He, W.), 2023, Journal of Management.


A Mixed Blessing? CEOs’ Moral Cleansing as an Alternative Explanation for Firms’ Reparative Responses Following Misconduct” (with Gangloff, K.A.), May 2023, Journal of Business Ethics, 184, 2, p. 427-443 17.


Ravi Dharwadkar, Professor, Chair, Department of Management, Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor of Teaching Excellence

Time is of the Essence! Retired Independent Directors’ Contributions to Board Effectiveness” (with Brandes, P., Ross, J.F. and Shi, L.), Sept. 2022,  Journal of Business Ethics, 179, 3, p. 767-793 27 p.[LB1] 


Financial Reporting Choices, Governance Structures, And Strategic Assets: A Transaction Cost Perspective” (with David, P., and Duru, A.), Oct. 2022,  Academy of Management Review, 47, 4, p. 579-599 21 p.


Rachael Goodwin, assistant professor of management


Moral Foundations, Himpathy, and Punishment Following Organizational Sexual Misconduct Allegations” (with Diekmann, K.) Feb. 2023, Organization Science, 28 p.


“Power and Gender: Who’s Willing to Handle the Tough Talk?” (with Figeroa, A., and Wakslak., C.), (forthcoming) Social and Personality Psychology Compass.


Cathy Maritan, associate professor of management


“Resource Allocation Capability and Routines in Multi-Business Firms” (with Helfat, C.E.), 2023, Organization Science.


Cameron Miller, associate professor of management


Complementary Components and Returns From Coordination Within Ecosystems Via Standard Setting” (with Toh, P.K.), March 2022, Strategic Management Journal, 43, 3, p. 627-662 36 p.


Modeling Firm Search and Innovation Trajectory Using Swarm Intelligence” (with Chen, R.R. and Toh, P.K.), Feb. 2023, Algorithms, 16, 2, 72.


Growing Platforms Within Platforms: How Platforms Manage the Adoption of Complementor Products in the Presence of Network Effects?” (with Agarwal, S., and Ganco, M.), Aug. 2023, Strategic Management Journal, 44, 8, p. 1879-1910 32 p.


Jamie Perry, assistant professor of management


“Inclusive leadership in thought and action: A thematic analysis” (with Roberson, Q.) 2022, Group & Organization Management, 47(4), 755-778.


Kira Reed, associate professor of management


“Uncertainty, Political Governance, Institutional Context, and IPO Success” (with Serdar, G. ’17 Ph.D. and Harter, D.E.) (Forthcoming 2024), Journal of Managerial Issues.


“Further Leveraging the Intellectual Capital of the National Alliance of Black School Educators to Continue to Enhance the Educational Attainment of Black Students” (with Smith, D.T.) 2023, Journal of the Alliance of Black School Educators, 12(1): 16-31.


“The Impact of Institutional Context and Gender on Corporate Social Responsibility” (with Serdar, G. ’17 Ph.D.) 2022, Journal of Managerial Issues, 34(3): 285-304.


Lynne Vincent, associate professor of management


The Mixed Moral Implications of the Creative Identity: How the Creative Identity Can Lead to Moral and Immoral Behavior”, Jan. 2022, Creativity and Morality, Elsevier, p. 127-143 17 p.


“Outshined by Creative Stars: A Dual-Pathway Model of Leader Reactions to Employees’ Reputation for Creativity” (with Carnevale, J.B., Huang, L., Yu, L. and He, W.), 2023, Journal of Management.[LB2] 


Awards and Grants


Ravi Dharwadkar Best Reviewer Award, Academy of Management Journal (2022); Distinguished Alumni Award, XLRI, Jamshedpur, India (2022).


Rachael Goodwin

Deans Research Citation Award, Whitman School of Management (2023); Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Grant: $15,806 (2023)


Kira Reed 

Social Differences, Social Justice Research Cluster Seminar 2022 Cuse Grant (expires May 2024) $7500; Humanities Across Borders Research and Writing Retreat Humanities Corridor Grant (2023) $1000; Humanities Across Disciplinary Borders CNY Humanities Corridor Grant (2022) $1500; Women in Leadership Cohort 3


Ph.D. Student Corner 


Anand Benegal The Butt of the Joke: Understanding the Social Evaluations of Leader Humor Targets”(with Carnevale, J.B.), Oct. 2023, Current Opinion in Psychology, 53, 101680.[LB3] 


Yi Huang ’24 Ph.D. Academy of Management 2022 Best Paper Proceedings, Strategic Management Division; Academy of Management 2023 Outstanding Reviewer Award, Strategic Management Division


Ran Quan Finalist for Best Student Paper in MOC Division, Academy of Management 2023


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