2024 Whitman Scholars

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Whitman Scholars are chosen from the senior class each year through a competitive selection process. To be considered, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.65 and a demonstrated history of engagement and leadership at the Whitman School and Syracuse University. Below, the 2024 Whitman Scholars share their thoughts on their experiences and the skills they gained at Syracuse University.


Alexa Austin

Alexa Austin

Hometown: Ramsey, New Jersey

Majors: Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises

Future Plans: Master’s program in Public Relations at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University 


“Reflecting on my experience at Syracuse University over the last 3 1/2 years, the one thing that stands out to me is the professors I’ve had. Their commitment to fostering creativity, excellence and professionalism has significantly contributed to my personal and professional growth and is only complemented by the School’s rich resources and opportunities. I am forever grateful for my Whitman education and am confident that it has prepared me for success in future endeavors.”




Kendall Blincoe

Kendall Blincoe

Hometown: Syracuse, New York

Major: Business Analytics

Future Plans: The Disney College Program Internship, The Walt Disney Company


“As I reflect upon my last three years at Syracuse, I do not take what I have learned here for granted. I am so privileged to have access to Whitman’s amazing programs and opportunities that have allowed me to grow as both an individual and a young professional. I’ve learned that seizing opportunities, embracing challenges and engaging with diverse experiences has led to personal and professional growth beyond my expectations.”



Lily Buckley

Lily Buckley

Hometown: Berwyn, Pennsylvania 

Majors: Accounting, Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management

Future Plans: Business Transformation Consultant in Corporate Finance at FTI Consulting  


“The Whitman School actively encourages academic and career exploration, leading to endless intellectual growth and ultimately fostering opportunities to fulfill the passions of every student. Through various classes and activities, Whitman has provided me with abundant resources and an exciting environment to explore and learn, which I will forever be grateful for. As a Whitman ambassador, career center employee and the 2024 Whitman Class Marshal, I am honored to be selected as a Whitman Scholar among my accomplished peers.”



Alivia Catania

Alivia Catania

Hometown: Jefferson Township, New Jersey

Majors: Accounting and Supply Chain Management

Future Plans: Digital Assurance and Transparency Associate at PwC 


“As I reflect on my time as a student at the Whitman School, I revel in the abundance of opportunities and resources that have been made available to me. From my dedicated professors in the classroom, to my devoted colleagues at the undergraduate advising office, the Whitman community embraced me with open arms from day one. Classmates became best friends, and professional fraternity members became family. I am forever grateful for my time at Syracuse University and for how it has shaped me into the confident young woman I am today.”



Haig Chakamian

Haig Chakamian

Hometown: Closter, New Jersey

Majors: Finance and Business Analytics

Future Plans: Sales and Trading Analyst at NatWest Markets 


“The most valuable lesson I learned from my time at Whitman is the importance of community. The collaborative atmosphere between classmates, faculty, alumni and the overall campus community has helped me develop skills I never thought possible. Thanks to Whitman and its amazing people, I now have the knowledge and resources to pursue my dreams. I am thrilled to start my career and help future generations of Whitman students bridge the gap between the classroom and the trading floor. Go Orange!”



Jared Dowling

Jared Dowling

Hometown: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Majors: Marketing Management and Public Relations (NEW)

Future Plans: Senior Communications Specialist at ADP


“With the sheer variety of experiences afforded to me by Syracuse University and the Whitman School, my time in college has been nothing short of transformational. From being a student leader on the first-ever Kenya Immersion Trip to encouraging others to bleed Orange through my time as a Whitman ambassador, I’ve seen how pursuing rich experiences can propel one’s personal and professional growth further than any lesson.”



Divya Gada

Divya Gada


Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut

Majors: Finance and International Relations (MAX)

Future Plans: Investment Banking Analyst at Lincoln International


“I am nowhere near the same person who walked through the doors of Whitman four years ago. With the endless opportunities and experiences that SU has provided, I have grown as an individual and a professional while challenging myself to a path of self-discovery. Whether it was my semester abroad, leading an organization or guiding prospective students through our building, I developed a better understanding of myself and have built countless relationships that will last a lifetime. The Whitman community is truly a family, and even as I leave, I feel confident that the knowledge and support they’ve given me will carry me through my life’s journey.”



Paula Ostrowska

Paula Ostrowska

Hometown: Chicago

Majors: Accounting and Finance

Future Plans: Pursuing opportunities in the accounting and financial services fields


“Syracuse University and especially Whitman have allowed me to take advantage of all of the growth and leadership opportunities I have been presented with. I have learned so many valuable skills over the past four years and hope I can continue as I start my post-grad journey. As always, Go Orange!”



Julius Rauch


Julius F. Rauch 

Hometown: Düsseldorf, Germany

Majors: Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises, and Finance 

Future Plans: Master’s in Finance Program at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business


“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Whitman School, where the faculty exhibited a strong commitment to turning students’ aspirations into tangible achievements. All of the professors were not only highly successful in their careers, but more importantly they were very passionate about teaching and conveying their knowledge to the students. The collaborative spirit at Whitman, fostered through group projects and external partnerships, added a dynamic and enriching dimension to my learning experience.”



Emily Saad

Emily Saad

Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Majors: Finance and Advertising (NEW)

Future Plans: Utilize my creative and business skill sets to work in the advertising and entertainment industries.


“Whitman and Newhouse have provided me with education, connections and opportunities that have transformed my life in ways I never thought were imaginable. They have taught me to be an advocate for myself, for others and have inspired me to push my boundaries academically and professionally. The impact that the University and its entities have had on me and the memories I have made here will live inside me always. Syracuse has given me the best tools to embark on my professional career.”



Isabella Simon

Isabella Simon

Hometown: River Edge, New Jersey 

Majors: Finance and Public Relations (NEW)

Future Plans: Commercial Banking Rotational Program at Capital One 


“Whitman provided me endless opportunities to explore new communities. Whether being a member of the pilot Kenya Immersion experience, studying abroad in Florence, Italy, or connecting with the Career Center on my evolving professional journey, I learned from exciting challenges and was surrounded by incredibly supportive people. As I venture forward, the open mindset I developed over the past four years will continue to help me foster creativity and confidence. I am so grateful for the meaningful connections I have made, and I look forward to being a lifelong member of the Orange family.”



Alexis Taliento

Alexis Taliento

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Majors: Finance and Public Relations (NEW)

Future Plans: Financial Product Analyst at Bloomberg


“If there is one thing that I’ve learned at Whitman, it’s that the people truly do make the place. Both in and out of the classroom, Whitman has provided me with the community, relationships and resources that have been the most valuable contributions to my success, both personally and professionally. I’m so grateful and excited to become a Syracuse alumna as I enter the next chapter of my life. As always, Go Orange!”



Han Zang

Han Zhang

Hometown: Zhengzhou, China

Majors: Finance, Business Analytics, and Advertising (NEW)

Future Plans: Global Markets Analyst at Nomura


“My most significant growth at Whitman and Syracuse University has come from being unafraid to try and staying true to myself. I have learned how to speak my mind without sacrificing honesty or empathy, and benefit from the intellect of people surrounding me with humility. I attribute all my growth and achievement to my dear friends who made my years abroad a good memory, brilliant professors who pushed me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of, insightful alumni who helped me become smarter when making decisions under pressure and inspiring family who believed in me every step of the way.”

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