2024 Graduate Student Spotlights

Chamila Blanco, Saman Modiri, Wei Liao and Malik Abdoulmoumine

Malik Abdoulmoumine ’23 M.S.

Malik Abdoulmoumine

Hometown: Niamey, Niger
Degree: Master of Science in Marketing


“The program equips students with a general understanding of marketing as well as how to think strategically and how to analyze problems from different aspects. The program is very much oriented toward training people to be business leaders who don’t just look at a problem from a surface value but also understand the economic impact of certain decisions.”


Chamila Blanco ’24 MBA

Chamila Blanco

Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut
Degree: Online MBA


“The program has been so valuable to me. Every class I’ve taken has provided useful information that is relatable to scenarios I’ve had in my life. A lot of people earn an MBA simply to add to their resume, but I’ve learned so much. I feel like the experience has already paid for itself. The professors have been amazing, have shown true interest in me and have offered very positive advice about what else exists outside the parameters of what I’m currently doing.”


Wei Liao ’24 M.S.

Wei Liao

Hometown: Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China
Degree: Master of Science in Business Analytics


"Whitman stood out. It wasn’t just a traditional business program but offered a wide range of areas that I’m interested in, such as financial analytics, business analytics and marketing analytics. Plus, there were so many different courses in the iSchool or Newhouse School that I could choose from.”


Saman Modiri ’24 Ph.D.

Saman Modiri

Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Specialization: Ph.D. in Business Administration, concentration in Marketing


“My research in quantitative marketing is focused on strategies for multi-channel retailers. Particularly, I’m interested in the behavioral aspect of consumer decisions and exploring the interaction between a firm’s profit and consumer welfare when critical marketing decisions are at stake. Throughout my Ph.D., the support and flexibility provided by the marketing department have allowed me to pursue my interests. Additionally, I have gained skills, such as critical thinking and scientific reasoning, that I will carry with me beyond my career. I look forward to joining Lehigh University as a visiting professor where I’ll be able to continue working on novel and crucial research problems in marketing.”

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