Whitman Accounting Students Leaves Campus but Not Whitman Through Online Master’s Degree Program

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I didn’t even consider applying to other master’s degree programs. I already knew, firsthand, that Whitman was the ideal choice.

When Sophia Carnicelli ’22, ’23 M.S. graduated from Syracuse University’s Whitman School with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, she knew her orange education was not yet over. While she did leave the campus, Carnicelli chose to continue at Whitman by pursuing an online master’s degree in accounting and completing the 150 credits required to take the CPA exam, which she completed this past December.  


“I didn’t even consider applying to other master’s degree programs. I already knew, firsthand, that Whitman was the ideal choice,” Carnicelli says.


Even though the courses are taught online, the program prides itself on creating a connections-based community. Through live lecture sessions, one-on-one meetings with professors and opportunities to connect with other classmates, the virtual format is comparable to an in-person classroom experience, according to Carnicelli. 


“Familiar faces are a regular sight in this program,” she says. “The advisors are ready to help and willing to assist. I’ve collaborated with various individuals in the program on many group projects and having my ‘classroom’ on my laptop makes everything so much more convenient,” she adds.  


Further, Carnicelli has explored study areas while completing her master’s degree that she was leery of during her undergraduate years. She recalls a tax class she took as an undergraduate that was not one of her favorites at the time. However, Carnicelli has revisited multiple tax and business strategy classes through her master’s program, which changed her outlook. She credits her newfound interest in the field to Professor of Practice John Petosa, who teaches various accounting and taxation courses.  


"I've come to appreciate taxation, despite always hearing it was challenging and undesirable," Carnicelli says.  


Carnicelli’s new interest in taxation is just one of the many takeaways she has gained from Whitman’s online program. s she approaches graduation, She is confident that her online master’s degree from Whitman has prepared her well for a successful career in accounting. She will put that newfound confidence to the test, as Carnicelli has become an audit associate at PwC. 


“I’ve been fortunate to have had an amazing on-campus experience during my undergraduate years and another amazing opportunity through the online master’s degree program,” she says. “The combination has prepared me well for what I know will be a successful career in the field of accounting.”  

By Charlie Wenig 

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