Joint Degree Program Whitman/Law 3+3

    The Whitman School’s 3+3 program allows students who meet the requirements for admission to enter the College of Law after three years of undergraduate education. After the successful completion of the first year of law school (fourth year of the 3+3), the undergraduate degree is conferred. The 3+3 student earns the J.D. degree after successful completion of the law program.


    Whitman’s undergraduate advising team will identify, mentor and support you in your quest for admission. Both the Whitman School and the College of Law will interview candidates, with the College of Law making the ultimate decision on admission to the program. 

    • Students interested in this program should declare their interest to the 3+3 advisor in the Whitman School undergraduate office during their first year.
    • Interested students who list pre-law on their common application and meet the required criteria as prescribed by the College of Law will be given conditional admit at the start of their first year.
    • The Whitman School will be responsible for advising students interested in the 3+3 option to ensure they keep course selection on track to meet program requirements.
    • Whitman School 3+3 students apply to the College of Law between Oct. 1 and Dec. 20 of their junior year.  The application fee will be waived.
    • Students recommended for the 3+3 program are required to interview with the College of Law as part of the law school admissions process.
    • Whitman students will be eligible to be 3+3 candidates for the College of Law if they have completed all core requirements for their major by the end of their junior year.

    Program Benefits
    • Through this accelerated program, students can complete a bachelor's degree and a law degree in six years instead of seven, saving a year of time and undergraduate tuition.
    • Interested Whitman students will have the opportunity to attend a “Meet and Greet” College of Law event and participate in the Mock Trial competition.
    • Conditionally admitted students will be granted access to the College of Law Library, invited to speakers and special events and given access to mentoring by third-year law students.


    Standardized Test Requirement
    • The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is required. It is recommended that the 3+3 candidates take the June administration of the LSAT after their sophomore year.
    • 3+3 admission will be granted if the student’s LSAT score meets the median score equivalent or higher than that of incoming College of Law students matriculating when the 3+3 student starts at the Whitman School (currently a score of at least 155) and the student’s cumulative undergraduate GPA is at least 3.30.
    • The student’s admissions application must also contain two positive faculty letters of recommendation, and the student must demonstrate appropriate character and fitness for the study of law.

    Tuition and Merit Scholarship
    • 3+3 students will be considered first-year law students when they enroll at Syracuse University’s College of Law and, therefore, will pay College of Law tuition and fees.
    • A merit scholarship equal to at least half tuition will be awarded to 3+3 students for each of the three years at the College of Law, as long as good academic standing is achieved at the end of each spring semester.
    • Beginning in year four, students will no longer be eligible for undergraduate-level federal, state or institutional financial aid through Syracuse University (e.g., Pell, TAP, Syracuse University undergraduate grants or scholarships) since they are then considered graduate students.