The Ballentine Investment Institute

    The Ballentine Investment Institute was established in 1992 by an endowment from Whitman alumnus Steve Ballentine '83, president and chief executive officer of Ballentine Capital Management, Inc., an investment management firm he founded in 1989. The Ballentine Investment Institute offers sophisticated tools used by investment professionals to support learning, research and professional development. With a mission to offer an unparalleled investment education, the Ballentine Investment Institute provides access to state-of-the-art capabilities and programs to help prepare you for a career in finance.


    Orange Value Fund, LLC

    The Orange Value Fund program runs a $5.5 million hedge fund. The two-year program, combines rigorous academic training, security and business analysis, portfolio management and career components that enable students in the program to acquire the necessary skills to seamlessly work in either investment banking, equity research or asset management. Students in the program manage private investors' money.

    Bloomberg Product Certification

    Students achieve Bloomberg ® certification through Equity and Fixed Income training modules.

    Rather than having to receive “on-the-job” training, the Ballentine Investment Institute has brought Equity and Fixed Income training modules to the Whitman School, allowing students to achieve Bloomberg ® certification.

    The Ballentine Investment Institute offers this revolutionary interactive application to Whitman students in both professional and educational formats. The application is extensively used by students across all majors to perform research on companies, markets, countries and economies.



    S&P Capital IQ 

    The Institute also offers access to S&P Capital IQ, a Web-based financial market and company intelligence platform that Whitman Faculty and students can use in their Finance and Investment classes.