Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship

    The outreach arm of our Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises Department, the Falcone Center has a mission to facilitate entrepreneurial activity on campus and in local and regional communities. 


    Centered on the mindset of Dream > Believe > Pursue, the Falcone Center aims to help develop the entrepreneur within, providing the resources and mindset for creating new ventures, new products and new methods through a variety of innovative programs and initiatives.

    Student Programs

    You are given a wealth of opportunities to put your classroom knowledge into practice through the Falcone Center. Working closely with the entrepreneurial community, the Falcone Center focuses on programs that foster venture creation and growth.


    The following are student programs and initiatives offered by the Falcone Center:



    Community Initiatives

    Entrepreneurship is a lifelong process. It is about creating new ventures, new products and new methods. It is also concerned with creative ways for social issues and novel approaches to delivering needed services.


    We support entrepreneurial efforts on all fronts, from venture startups to home-based businesses, from entrepreneurial nonprofits to entrepreneurial teaching. The Falcone Center cultivates entrepreneurial ways of thinking into all its programs and services and in everyone who walks through its doors. Through a variety of entrepreneurship programs aimed at fostering new ventures, we are leading the charge in the entrepreneurial revolution.