Couri Hatchery Student Business Incubator

The Couri Hatchery incubator is a student-centered, supportive co-working space and mentorship program that helps student ventures at any level, from idea to startup, development and growth. The Couri Hatchery is named for John Couri '63 (A&S), co-founder of Duty-Free International and president of the Couri Foundation.


Focused on streamlining innovative, emerging student ventures, the Hatchery provides a broad scope of services including:


  • Co-working office and meeting space
  • Access to mentors, including an entrepreneur-in-residence
  • Legal consultants for business entity formation, IP, and trademarks
  • Programs, events, and networking opportunities in the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Funding support through business plan/pitch competitions
  • Community Connections
  • Application

There is no cost to join the Couri Hatchery. Companies involved in the Hatchery range from the idea stage to startups and growth-oriented businesses. Access to resident experts and local mentors to help with issues such as legal, accounting, operations, product development, marketing, HR and more are available to all Couri Hatchery participants. Fill out the Couri Hatchery application to join.




For questions, please contact us at

Hatchery Alumni

Businesses that have been initiated within the Couri Hatchery include:

  • Dream Water
  • Golden Gear
  • ExPrep
  • Brevite
  • ThunderCakes
  • Funk 'n Waffles
  • Wholesale Jewelry Liquidators
  • Brand Yourself
  • EB Active and many others.


Couri Hatchery FAQ

Get to know the Couri Hatchery student business incubator. The following are some frequently asked questions to help you learn more about the services offered to entrepreneurial students across campus!

What is the Couri Hatchery?
The Couri Hatchery is an incubator for student and alumni entrepreneurs from Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF. We provide a variety of services to startups and small businesses to help entrepreneurs meet their definitions of success.

Is there a cost to become a member?

No, the service is free for all Syracuse University, and SUNY-ESF students and alumni.

What are the benefits of membership?

In addition to a free and fully furnished office space to utilize, we provide consulting services including business development, networking, legal, intellectual property, marketing and advertising, accounting, product development, and financial. We can also assist in finding cofounders and talent in many circumstances. Our goal is to work with entrepreneurs to define their idea of success and then help them however possible to achieve it.

Will Syracuse University request an equity stake or intellectual property rights?

No, the service is completely free.

What industries do you serve?

The Couri Hatchery will serve any entrepreneur in any industry. Our methods are comprehensive, but, if a specific skill set is required to provide relevant advice, we will work to connect you with the right individuals.

Can I get class credits?

Yes, eligible students can sign up for the Launch Pad course (EEE 400) and earn up to 3 credits for working on their business.

Is this restricted to business school students?

No, our services are open to all majors.

Where is the Couri Hatchery located?

The Couri Hatchery is located within the Falcone Center in Suite 116 in the Whitman School. Students and alumni are also eligible to join our virtual hatchery and receive most services remotely.

What is included in the office space?

Our newly remodeled office space includes workstations, a conference center, a presentation area, scanners, and wireless connections to printers. If there are additional accommodations required, entrepreneurs can request them.

How Can I Apply?

It's easy to apply to become a resident or virtual member of the Couri Hatchery by filling out the online application.



Stop by the Couri Hatchery anytime during business hours Monday - Friday to learn more about entrepreneurship in action on campus.