M.S. in Biotechnology/MBA

Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) and the Whitman School have launched a new dual degree program: a master of science in biotechnology (M.S. in Biotechnology) combined with the master of business administration (MBA).


This degree helps prepare our students for a world where science and business are combined, by embracing STEM and life sciences with the applied commercial aspects of their work. It is the ideal program for students looking to become more versatile, multidisciplinary, and future business leaders with scientific backgrounds.  


The dual program is offered in a streamlined format, with a minimum of 76.5 credits. Students will be able to complete both degrees in a minimum of two and a half years. You can apply to this program now for a fall 2023 start. 


Admission requirements remain similar for both programs and emphasize both academic credentials and leadership experience and potential.


Dual degree programs are highly demanding, and students should possess the strong scientific and analytical abilities and the soft skills needed for leadership positions.


Competitive scholarships at the graduate level are available based on merit.


Having a dual degree in this area prepares you for careers in research and development, new product development, business development, industry analysis, sales, consulting, VC, entrepreneurial and scientist-management.




M.S. In Biotechnology/MBA Sample Program:


Fall 1

Spring 1

Fall 2

Spring 2

Summer 2

Fall 3

BIO 600

BIO 664 (4)


BIO 21 (1)

Internship or Electives

MBC 647

BIO 663 (4)

BIO 674 (3)

EEE 620

MBC 645


MBC 630 (1.5)

MBC 631

MBC 633

MBC 600 (1.5)




MBC 638

MBC 635

MBC 606 (1.5)




MBC 601 (1.5)


MBC 609 (1.5)




MBC 602 (1.5)


MBA 610 (1.5)


MBC 636











Total credits: 76.5 -> all required courses are listed above

Includes 4.5 credits of natural course overlaps, up to 6 credit internship & 3 credits of electives across programs

Students can take more time to complete as needed; including further summer internships/courses 



Contact Information:

College of Arts & Sciences

Surabhi Raina

Biotechnology Program




Whitman School of Management

Mary Collier 

Executive Director, Graduate Admissions and Student Recruitment