Funding Your Doctoral Degree

Following the recommended program guidelines makes it possible for admitted students to complete their studies in four years and pursue their academic careers at other academic institutions. Thus, funding is guaranteed for four years subject to satisfactory performance. Students are expected to be involved in the Ph.D. learning experience year-round and are typically funded on a 12-month basis.


Students receiving funding from the Whitman School can expect the annual financial support package to include:

  • Tuition waiver for up to 24 credits a year.
  • A competitive academic year (nine-month) stipend to cover living expenses.
  • Fringe benefits (e.g., health insurance coverage).
  • Summer research grants to support work on mentor-directed projects.
  • Travel funding to academic conferences in your area of specialization.


*Applicants admitted with the financial support package are required to provide academic service (e.g., serve as teaching/research assistant) for 20 hours weekly and/or teach courses.


Financial support for year 5 may be available in cases where strong teaching credentials can be demonstrated and, more importantly, when the research pipeline is promising, such that an additional year in the program is likely to improve notably the candidate’s job and publication prospects. Otherwise, self-funding is the default.