Intra-University Transfer Requirements and Resources

You may be familiar with all the great things about Syracuse University, but there are still a lot of things you need to know and complete in order to get started and prepare to apply to transfer to the Whitman School.

Syracuse University students interested in an intra-University transfer to the Whitman School must meet certain requirements.

  • Students must have completed at least 30 credits at Syracuse University (two academic semesters).
  • Students must have three years or six semesters remaining on campus to complete the degree requirements. For second-year students interested in applying, you must plan to be on campus for three years after acceptance into the Whitman School.
  • Students must have completed two of the following or their equivalents: MAT 221, MAT 284 and ECN 101.
  • Any college-level calculus course will replace MAT 284 (MAT 285, MAT 295 acceptable). If you have AP credit for calculus, it will replace MAT 284.
  • MAT 221 is a substitute for our required course MAS 261. If you have AP credit for statistics, it will replace MAT 221.
  • MAT 121 and MAT 122 together will substitute for MAS 261 or MAT 221.
  • Although courses transferred from other colleges and universities are not included in the Syracuse University average, grades earned at other institutions in the required math and economics courses may be considered.


Students are admitted based on the following criteria: cumulative GPA, the rigor of academic coursework taken at Syracuse University, engagement on and off campus and an optional professor recommendation letter. The Whitman School only admits students for the fall semester; admissions decisions are made over the summer. All application requirements must be completed by the last day of finals of the spring semester, and no summer coursework will be considered. Decisions will be made by a committee over the summer and communicated to all applicants.

Application Process
  • Attend information session in person (dates below) or watch the virtual information session in its entirety here.
  • Please apply online by completing the application here. The application deadline is the last day of final exams in Spring 2024.
  • Optional: Letters of recommendation may be sent to to be added to your application.
  • An academic advisor will reach out after completion of your application to finalize your submission.

Required Information Session

Information sessions will be held in Whitman Room 103. Fall dates to come. 



If you have any questions about the application process, please contact