Minors for Non-Whitman Students

    The Whitman School offers several minors in management, allowing students to pursue either a general program that provides a broad base of management studies (business minor) or a more specialized program that provides more in-depth study in a particular area of management. A minor in management can help students in the schools and colleges at Syracuse University learn about subjects that contribute to success in business, nonprofit and government organizations. Some background knowledge in management is seen as beneficial by many prospective employers.


    The minors at the Whitman School are available to matriculated undergraduate students from all Syracuse University schools and colleges other than the Whitman School, provided they have the permission of their home school or college and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 after having completed their first full semester at Syracuse University.


    Due to course sequencing and enrollment limitations, applicants must have a minimum of four semesters (spring or fall) remaining on the main campus at Syracuse University to complete the minor requirements. Any student wishing to apply for a Whitman minor after the second semester of their sophomore year will be ineligible to declare the minor due to space availability and course sequencing. Coursework taken prior to applying to the minor does not reduce or waive the four-semester requirement.



    There are two deadlines for submitting applications for management minors: Nov. 1 and April 1 of each academic year. All applications received by the deadline will be reviewed and considered based on merit, time and the volume of total applications.

    To Declare a Minor in Management

    Check with your home school or college office to make sure you have four or more semesters remaining on the main campus to complete the required courses. Also, check that you have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2. Due to course sequencing and availability, you should plan to complete the minor at a pace of about one to two minor courses per semester over your remaining main campus semesters, as it is unlikely that we would be able to accommodate more than two minor courses per student in a given semester.

    Fill out our Online Whitman Minor Application form before the deadline (April 1 in the spring and Nov. 1 in the fall).

    We will begin to review applications when it gets closer to the deadline, and you will be notified via email of the decision. If you are accepted, official declaration paperwork will be submitted to your home school or college on your behalf. Your home college or school must enroll you in the minor on MySlice before you will have access to any available seats reserved for Whitman School minor students in our classes.

    If you are accepted, you must plan to take courses over your remaining semesters to complete minor requirements. Any change to your graduation date or future academic plan may impact your ability to complete the minor. It is your responsibility to seek assistance from the Whitman Undergraduate Office (Whitman School of Management Building, Suite 215, or whitmanadvising@syr.edu) with any issues regarding minor course selection soon after your enrollment appointment. 

    Transferring Courses into Minors in Management

    All 18 credits must be taken through the Whitman School/Syracuse University. Transfer credit and pass/fail coursework will not be accepted towards the minor.