Whitman Undergraduate Internship Requirement


The Whitman School of Management believes that internships are a critical component of the student learning experience. All Whitman undergraduate students must complete an internship as part of their graduation requirements—though many students will complete multiple internships during their time at Whitman. The Whitman Career Center team supports students in securing their internship, or an internship a student secures on their own could count towards the requirement as well.


Purpose of the Internship Requirement

Completing an internship allows students the opportunity to obtain knowledge and develop professional skills during an immersive experience. Internships provide opportunities to experience authentic business situations related to the student's career goals which better prepares them to enter the global workplace.


Requirements for an Approved Internship

(All 8 requirements must be met to gain approval. Student internship experiences must be approved by the Whitman Career Center before the start of the experience.)

  • Junior standing is required before the start of the internship.
  • The experience is an extension of the classroom with the opportunity to apply knowledge in real business settings.
  • The experience must include a minimum of 120 hours within a public or private business.
  • There is ample opportunity to develop and demonstrate action-oriented problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.
  • Exposure to real job situations relevant to your desired career path is essential.
  • There is a robust description that identifies duties, skills, and expectations.
  • There is supervision by a professional with education or experience in the field.
  • There are resources and equipment provided by the employer that support in-person or virtual experiences.


Registering the Internship Experience

Students must input their internship information in Handshake before they begin the experience. Once students submit the required information, this will alert the Whitman Career Center to review the internship experience and verify it meets the criteria for approval. Students can check Handshake for an update on the status of their internship requirements.


Completing the Requirement

Near the end of the term in which the internship is taking place, the Whitman Career Center will send an evaluation to the student’s internship supervisor via e-mail. The student’s direct supervisor must complete this evaluation, so they must have the correct contact information. The internship evaluation is the final step required to complete the Whitman Undergraduate Internship Requirement. The internship requirement milestone will be marked as complete in Degree Works once the process is concluded.