Experiential Programs

Career Exploration


The Whitman Career Center creates signature programming for students that gives them opportunities to explore career paths and industries so that they can make informed decisions when determining their majors and minors. These explorative opportunities also allow students to delineate a path that can help them attain their career aspirations.


Exploration-focused educational opportunities are perfect for first-year and sophomore students. Exploration trips are currently limited to 20 students per trip and involve an application process for selection.


Current Exploration Opportunities Include:




Whitman on Wall Street

  • For students considering a career in finance and want to understand the job functions in financial services.

Marketing in Manhattan

  • For students considering a career in marketing and who want to understand the cultural differences between working on the client side versus for an agency.

Retail Management & Supply Chain Management Exploration Trip (New in 2023!)

  • For students considering those majors and who also want to understand how retail and supply chain overlap within the workplace and job functions.

Real Estate Trip (New for 2023!)

  • For students who want to know more about career paths and potential interests in commercial real estate.




The Whitman Sampler (New in 2023!)

  • For students who know they like business but are unsure which of the nine majors, they want to declare. This exploration trip exposes students to a variety of industries, business cultures, and career paths.

Business Analytics in the Big Apple (New in 2023!)

  • For students who want to understand how business analytics careers fit in a variety of industries and organizations.




Whitman Women in Finance

  • For females who want to understand how to join the world of finance, whether it is on Wall Street or in corporate finance.

Accounting Exploration Trip

  • For students who want to explore opportunities within the Big 4 accounting firms, midsized firms, and corporate accounting.

Marketing Senior Showcase

  • For recently graduated students who are seeking full-time employment in New York City.




Silicon Valley Trip (New in 2022!)

  • For entrepreneurially minded students interested in learning more about incubators, venture-backed start-ups, and major tech firms.