Salzberg Memorial Lecture

    Harry E. Salzberg Memorial Lecture Program

    Established in 1949, the Harry E. Salzberg Memorial Lecture Program enriches the student learning experience by fostering a close community of students, faculty, staff and practitioners of supply chain who collaborate to advance the state of knowledge, engage the mind and stimulate the best effort of all.

    The Salzberg Medallion has come to be recognized as one of the most prestigious awards in the field of transportation and supply chain management — in part because of the caliber of past honorees, as well as the program's rigorous selection process.

    Each year, former Salzberg Medallion recipients and other distinguished practitioners active in the transportation and supply chain management fields are invited to nominate individuals and companies for consideration for the award. A screening committee of Syracuse University faculty and active professionals then deliberates and selects the honorees. 

    The annual Salzberg Program is made possible by the continued support of our Franklin Supply Chain Management Advisory Board.


    Past Recipients of the Salzberg Medallion

    From 1949 through 2022, we have bestowed the Salzberg Medallion on individuals and organizations, see who.

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    73rd Annual Salzberg Memorial Lecture Program and Videos




    Awards Video


    Presentation Video