As a finance professional, you hold the world of business in your hands. In an industry that requires knowledge of both the art and science of managing money, financiers must be able to think strategically while staying well-versed in a variety of other subjects, such as technology, economics, political science and more. Our finance program graduates do so with the intellect, ambition and drive to succeed in a constantly changing society that demands strategic decision-making and diverse skills.

Our students move on to work as full-service brokers, investment bankers, discount brokers, asset managers, traders and financial advisors, as well as in the real estate industry. With an ever-expanding network of alumni and friends, we provide our students with various networking opportunities. These professionals inspire our students by sharing their knowledge and passion for the industry and helping students land positions in different financial markets and on Wall Street.


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Degree Programs

The Whitman School's Finance Department oversees undergraduate major and an MBA concentrations, as well as a master's program in entrepreneurship and a Ph.D. field of focus. The entrepreneurship faculty — consisting of both high-caliber researchers and practicing entrepreneurs — has led the department to national recognition since its inception in the late 1990s. Most recently, U.S. News & World Report ranked both our undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship programs as among the best in the nation.


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Our world-class faculty play prominent roles in shaping perspectives on relevant financial issues. As a result, you will have a unique opportunity to understand how financial management has an increasingly key role in today’s business models.


List of Research

Orange Value Fund

The Orange Value Fund program runs a $5.5 million hedge fund. The two-year program, combines rigorous academic training, security and business analysis, portfolio management and career components that enable students in the program to acquire the necessary skills to seamlessly work in either investment banking, equity research or asset management. Students in the program manage private investors' money.