Community Engagement

    You are required to apply your management skills and knowledge as a community volunteer. Learn how.

    Whitman aspires to be a preeminent and inclusive school of management that prepares students for professional success, engaged citizenship and lifelong learning. We believe that active citizens are formed by giving back to the communities of the world, as well as the Syracuse campus and outlying neighborhoods.

    While community engagement is a required component of your Whitman degree, we encourage you to explore opportunities that you feel both passionate about and connected to.

    This resource is for you to connect with various opportunities within Whitman, on the University campus and in the greater Syracuse community. 



    Guidelines for Community Engagement
    • Unpaid
    • Non-profit organization
    • Preferably in the Syracuse community but elsewhere with advisor authorization
    • 50 hours at up to two locations
    • Can take WRT 105/205 with the service learning component
    • Public service and community participation (e.g., homeless services, environmental protection advocacy, service work with religious organizations, partisan political activities, government boards and commissions)

    Campus-Based Community Engagement

    Examples of campus-based community engagement:

    Community-Based Community Engagement

    Examples of community-based engagement:


    Whitman-Based Community Engagement

    Students may only select one of the following to count for half of the Whitman community engagement requirement:


    Whitman Ambassador
    Rachel DuBois, director of undergraduate recruitment (


    Peer Mentor/Goodman IMPRESS Mentor*
    Kari Morrow, IMPRESS program manager (


     * Two fall semesters as a peer mentor or one semester as a peer mentor and an entire academic year as a Goodman IMPRESS mentor are required to count for half of the Whitman community engagement requirement.