Community Engagement

    Undergraduates are required to apply their management skills and knowledge within the community as a volunteer.

    Whitman aspires to be a preeminent and inclusive school of management that prepares students for professional success, engaged citizenship and lifelong learning. We believe active citizens are formed by giving back to the communities that help us grow.

    While community engagement is a required component of your Whitman degree, we encourage you to explore opportunities that you feel both passionate about and connected to.

    This resource outlines guidelines to follow as well as various opportunities within the University, Whitman and the greater Syracuse community.



    Guidelines for Community Engagement
    • Minimum of 50 unpaid hours with a maximum of 5 non-profit organizations
    • Experience must be completed within United States unless prior approval by petition
    • Supervisor confirming hours cannot be a family member or fellow student
    • Fundraising for an organization will not be accepted
    • Greek life other than what is listed as approved below will not be accepted

    Examples of approved university orgs & experiences
    • Alpha Kappa Psi
    • Alpha Phi Omega
    • Balancing the Books
    • Beta Alpha Psi
    • Beta Gamma Sigma
    • Delta Sigma Phi
    • Goon Squad
    • Hendricks Chapel
    • Hillel
    • NABA
    • Orange Seeds
    • The Catholic Center
    • The Office of Multicultural Affairs
    • Shaw Center
    • WRT 105/205/307 with service learning component

    Examples of Whitman approved orgs & experiences
    • SOM 122 House Leader
    • Goodman IMPRESS Mentor (hours dependent on role)
    • Whitman Ambassador (25 hour maximum)
    • Whitman Learning Center Tutoring
    • Whitman Peer Mentor (25 hour maximum)
    • Active participation in the Kenya Immersion Trip
    • Participation in the Future Leaders Program
    • Participation in the Build Local Student Consulting Program.

    Examples of approved community-based orgs & experiences


    Email your academic advisor to confirm your intended experience meets the guidelines prior to volunteering. 


    Questions?  Email your academic advisor or