Whitman's management department researches the full spectrum of organizational relationships from individuals to industries. Our Ph.D. program is focused on close mentorship and a collaborative community. Ph.D. students work closely with their faculty mentors at all stages of research from idea generation to publication. With faculty guidance, they work to develop their own ideas and learn how to become productive scholars. Ph.D. students interact with faculty frequently and intensely to develop their knowledge and research skills, publish in top journals and contribute to organizational knowledge. We promote collaboration with faculty in our department and other Whitman departments, as well as relationships across Syracuse University and other universities.


Specialization Areas

Organizational Behavior (OB): Our faculty conducts research on how individuals and groups interact within organizations.

Ph.D. students focused on OB work with

  • Pamela Brandes
  • Ravi Dharwadkar
  • Joel Carnevale
  • Rachael Goodwin
  •  Jamie Perry
  •  Lynne Vincent

Our faculty conducts research on how strategy influences organizational performance and how organizations evolve and change.

Ph.D. students focused on strategy work with

  • Natarajan Balasubramanian
  • Ravi Dharwadkar
  • Catherine Maritan
  • Cameron Miller
  • Kira Reed

Faculty members and doctoral students publish in the most selective and prestigious top-tier journals, including:

  • Academy of Management Journal
  • Management Science
  • Organization Science
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
  • Strategic Management Journal

Recent Graduate Placements

Former doctoral students have published in Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, and other premier journals.

  • SUNY Oswego (Raihan Khan)
  • Long Island University (Michael Hadani)
  • Bryant University (Diya Das)
  • The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (Maria Goranova)
  • North Carolina A&T State University (Frank Mullins)
  • CUNY, City College (Punit Arora)
  • The University of Michigan, Flint (Greg Laurence)
  • California State University, San Marcos (Palash Deb)
  • Towson State University (Mariana Lebron)
  • University of New Orleans (Matt Zingoni)

Management Faculty & Ph.D. Directory

Research Highlights

  • Balasubramanian, Natarajan

    • Incidence and performance of spinouts and incumbent new establishments: Role of selection and redeployability within parent firms
    • Human capital, parent size and the destination industry of spinouts.
    • Locked In? Noncompete Enforceability and the Mobility of High Tech Workers
  • Brandes, Pamela

    • Time is of the essence!: Retired independent directors' contributions to board effectiveness
    • I know something you don’t know!: The role of linking pin directors in monitoring and incentive alignment
    • To thine shareholders be true? Linking large corporate ownership to firms' use of commitment human resource practices
  • Carnevale, Joel

    • Fulfilling Moral Duty or Prioritizing Moral Image? The Moral Self-Regulatory Consequences of Ethical Voice
    • Capable Fish or Deficient Ponds? A Meta-Analysis of Consequences, Mechanisms, and Moderators of Perceived Overqualification
    • The Butt of the Joke: Understanding the Social Evaluations of Leader Humor Targets
  • Dharwadkar, Ravi

    • The role of audit committee interlocks in the dissemination and contagion of accrual-based and real earnings management
    • Financial reporting choices, governance structures, and strategic assets: A transaction cost perspective
    • Time is of the essence!: Retired independent directors' contributions to board effectiveness
  • Goodwin, Rachael

    • Moral Foundations, Himpathy, and Punishment Following Organizational Sexual Misconduct Allegations
    • Navigating the Tensions and Dynamics of Perfectionism in Organizations
    • Moral Foundations, Himpathy, and Attitudes Toward Sexual Misconduct Claims
  • Mahalingam, Anparasan

    • How Platform Gatekeeping Affects Complementors’ Strategy to Profit from Innovation?
    • Decision Right Allocation and Platform Market Effectiveness: Evidence from Online P2P Lending
    • The Fourth Boundary: How Market Frictions Define the Informational Scope of Platform Organizations

Honors & Leadership

View recent acknowledgments for our faculty research and teaching achievements. Many of our leading-edge faculty play prominent roles in shaping perspectives on relevant professional issues.